Management of claims and disputes

We work in the preparation, technical review and support, independent verification and claims management.

In contracts for the provision of services, such as: construction and assembly, hospital administration, management of public procurement, administrative concessions and public-private partnerships there is a common economic-financial imbalance due to divergences between what was contracted and what was executed.

Within this perspective, we have developed an approach where we can:

The management of claims is composed of a multidisciplinary analysis that evaluates in a holistic way aspects such as documents generated during the execution of the contract, field information, testing and technical expertise, Contract signed between the parties, in addition to complementing with audit tests, data analytics and benchmarking of similar processes.

This information is analyzed together in order to obtain a very close analysis of the real, compared with the evidence and the permissible legal limits.

We can accomplish our work with both the client’s lawyers team, or with specialized offices partners of M1 Consultoria.

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