Inventory and valuation of assets

We perform physical inventory and patrimonial evaluations for accounting and non-accounting purposes, working with own resources or collaborative with client resources.

To meet accounting standards, in several cases it is necessary to carry out inventory and evaluation of fixed assets. In other cases, due to various processes such as mergers and acquisitions negotiations, sale of assets, corporate negotiation, improvement of internal controls, among other cases, opts for the realization of the inventory and independent asset valuation.

For these and other cases, we have a specialized team that will meet your need with the same quality as the largest consultancies in the world, however with a much more competitive investment than BIG4 group consultancies.

We work with several technologies for inventories, from barcode, QR code until RFID.

To carry out the inventory work and asset evaluation, we take as reference the most relevant national and international publications. In addition we have extensive experience in the process of quality review of audits of the group of BIG4 and other relevant.

Thus our delivery standard obeys stringent quality standards and we still have experience with the main questions pointed out by the auditors and we know the particularities of the main audit companies.

This differential ensures that the report will be accepted by the auditing company and will not be the target of reservation or abstention of opinion as to its content.

In addition, in order to optimize cost and resources, we can perform part of the work using the customers own workforce, therefore we will be able to maintain a high quality and at a very low cost.

The entire inventory and valuation process can be recorded, and their calculations demonstrated so that there are no doubts as to the steps that have been taken for their conception.

Document Analysis: Review of documents, seeking understanding of the project scenario;

Technical Interviews: Interviews with key team members seeking to gather information and understanding about the scenario, as well as obtaining insights to perform the tests;

Benchmarking: Use of experience and results of similar projects to achieve patterns of deviations/failures and draw tests observing such occurrences;

Auditory tests: Hypothesis test on the documentation collected, identifying and evidencing eventual deviations/failures.

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